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Breastfeeding: Let's get you ready!

Baby is coming soon, it's time for the final preparations! Few question remain unanswered but maybe one of the most important ones: do we have everything we need? And the question is all the more pressing when you are about to breastfeed...

Because it is well known: the start of a serene breastfeeding is one of the most crucial stages of the first days of your child. It is normal, therefore, to want to feel ready to begin this experience in the best possible conditions.

We reassure you right away, you already have the most important thing: breast milk rich in protein and your love for making this moment a shared pleasure.

But for breastfeeding to be as effective, comfortable and pleasant as possible for both of you, certain accessories are required.


Here is our advice on essential breastfeeding equipment, with 8 accessories to shop.


The essential accessories for breastfeeding


  1. Nursing underwear

The nursing bra has it all: it allows your baby to find the breast more easily and it preserves your breasts by ensuring good support, which will prevent them from sagging.

Our advice: have at least two so you can always have them despite the detergents, and choose those that open with one hand, since the other will be occupied by baby.

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  1. The nursing pillow

Your baby at the right height, but above all your arms relieved: this is what the breastfeeding cushion allows, a real comfort ally during feedings. Thanks to this long sausage that supports your arms, you put less strain on your cervical muscles and you avoid back pain.

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  1. Nursing pads, compresses and shells

Several shapes, but one goal: to ensure optimal comfort at all times by absorbing milk losses. Nursing compresses and pads (disposable or washable) are discreet and ultra-absorbent, therefore very effective in keeping you dry.

If you want to keep this extra milk, the breast shell collects it easily. All you have to do is place it in the fridge or freezer for your next feeding!

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  1. Breastfeeding cream or balm

Precious allies to soothe your sore and cracked nipples, breastfeeding creams and balms relieve you between feedings. In case of bleeding or too painful cracks, opt for nipple shields, which protect your nipple and allow faster healing without having to stop breastfeeding.


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  1. Breastfeeding tea

100% organic, Weleda breastfeeding tea has a pleasant taste of lemon verbena. Not only does its ingredients (fenugreek, fennel, anise and caraway) promote lactation, but it also offers many soothing properties.

To be consumed as desired from the end of pregnancy and throughout the breastfeeding period!


The essential accessories to store your milk


Stimulate lactation, relieve engorged breasts or allow Dad to also enjoy these moments of complicity: there are many reasons to express your milk. And if baby is unable to latch on your breast or you return to work but want to continue breastfeeding, expressing your milk will be essential anyway.

But once collected, it is also necessary to ensure that it is well preserved so that your baby is delighted with quality milk.

  1. The breast pump

Manual or electric, both have advantages.


Manual: Light and compact, the manual breast pump is ideal for occasional use and allows you to pump your milk discreetly. If your breasts are sore and you need to relieve them regularly, this model is very practical because you can take it everywhere with you.


Electric: Perfect for regular use, the electric breast pump requires very little effort and reproduces baby's natural sucking thanks to several extraction powers and different rhythms, which helps to stimulate lactation.

You can choose a single breast pump or a double breast pump, the latter having the advantage of pumping more milk in less time since you use both breasts at the same time. And if you want to take advantage of it to do something else at the same time, the trick is to provide a nursing bustier... your hands free!

You will have understood: the choice of a breast pump is very personal and above all essential to guarantee the success of your breastfeeding. Think above all about your comfort because it is the most important thing to increase your chances of breastfeeding as long as possible.

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  1. Breast milk bottle

To give your baby stored milk, you will need a breastmilk bottle. Depending on the breast pump chosen, the bottles may already be provided. Make sure you have several and don't forget to clean and sterilize them after each use.

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  1. Storage accessories

The storage bags attach directly to the breast pump and are very easy to use.

  • The +: their airtight closure protects the milk from humidity and air, and they are easy to store in the refrigerator.
  • The -: they are single-use and disposable, therefore less ecological.


The storage pots have the same function as the bags and also make it easy to collect the milk and store it in the best hygienic conditions.

  • The +: reusable, they are more ecological and economical in the long term since you can use them again later to preserve purées and compotes.
  • The -: none!

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With this list of breastfeeding “must haves” to provide for maximum comfort and efficiency, you are ready to begin this unique adventure with your baby… gentleness and complicity guaranteed!


Happy breastfeeding to you both! And above all, enjoy these sweet moments shared!


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