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Diaper Change from A to Z

Future mums, future dads, newly arrived babysitters, apprentice aunties, you will find below the answers to the questions you have always asked yourself about the least pleasant aspect of the birth of a baby: changing diapers. . Find out in particular what you will need, in addition to nappies, and how to change baby efficiently and safely. Focus on baby's sweet buttocks!

How often should a diaper be changed?

Newborns usually pee very little, check the condition of the diaper every 2 to 3 hours. Do the same after each feeding, since his intestines are solicited. By quickly replacing his full diaper, you will save him the risk of suffering skin irritations. This is because newborn stools are watery, which can cause rashes.

An older baby usually needs to be changed 5-7 times a day. Your little one's smell and moans will let you know it's time to head over to the changing table. To preserve your baby's sleep, opt for a good night diaper. Good absorbency will give it 8 hours of trouble-free rest.


What do you need to change baby?

In your changing bag, you will need a few clean nappies, spare clothes in case of an accident, wet wipes, tissues to dab the small buttocks and an ointment to avoid irritation.

A liniment can be a good alternative to wet wipes. This is a mixture of lime water and olive oil used to clean your baby's bottom. Use it on a cotton square. No need to rinse.

Should I use an ointment, cream or balm?

To prevent rashes and the tears that come with them, opt for an ointment, diaper cream or balm. More than the name, it is the ingredients that count. The product you choose must also meet your needs and those of your baby. Zinc oxide protects the skin from moisture, while lanolin (or wool grease) has a healing action. Many natural ingredients also soothe, moisturize and protect baby's bottom. Some ointments are additionally fragrance-free, dye-free, or hypoallergenic. Something to meet all needs!

How to change a baby in 5 steps

1- Control the damage

Undress your baby on a changing pad and carefully open the dirty diaper. Eliminate the bulk of the stool with the top part of the diaper and then fold the diaper under the buttocks.

2- Clean the little behind

Wipe the groin and genitals with wet wipes or with liniment and a cotton ball. Always go front to back to avoid infections:

In girls, start with the belly, work down to the groin, then move over and between the lips of the vulva and, lastly, between the buttocks.

In boys, start by cleaning the belly, then continue with the little zizi and the testicles, to finish with the buttocks. Never pull the foreskin back. It takes several months before it detaches from the rest of the penis.

To perfectly clean the buttocks, lift his ankles with one hand and clean the skin up to the level of the back. Baby is clean? Remove the dirty diaper and throw it in the diaper bin.

3- Lay out a clean diaper and apply the ointment

Lift baby's ankles again and slide the back part of the diaper (the part with the pantyhose) under the bottom. Dry the clean skin with cotton or with a dry washcloth and apply the diaper cream. If baby has red bottoms, opt for a healing ointment.

4- Close the diaper

Pass the front of the diaper between the baby's legs up to belly level. Attach the pantyhose to the front of the diaper. If you've done the job right, the top of the diaper is about baby's waist.

5- We're almost there

Check to see if the diaper is too tight or too loose at the waist. You should be able to slide a finger all the way around her waist. Reattach the tights if necessary. Are the short edges of the diaper on the legs facing outwards? Perfect ! You can dress baby!


… you should always hold your baby with one hand to prevent him from rolling off the changing table. You can optionally place your changing pad on the floor. To distract baby, do not hesitate to give him a toy.

…if your little boy tends to spray you when you change him, always cover his little penis with a towel.


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