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Vita-age Man Perfumed Water

    Vita-age Man Perfumed Water

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    Vita-age is an Italien brand, a complete face line to fight ageing and delay the action of free radicals. The secret? Thymus Serpillus and Lupinus Albus extracts, which contain legume proteins and flavonoids, for an immediate tensing effect. In addition, the white grape extract reinforces and protects the skin, while the vegetable ceramides and the pool of vitamins re-hydrate and regenerate the tissues. Vita Age is a real elixir to prevent and reduce wrinkles.



    Clear and light, delightful mix of oceanic, fruity, spicy and amber notes, this perfumed water sprayed all over the body provides a pleasant sensation of energy and freshness to the skin, which is softened and smoothed. This special product has been developed especially for those people who have an active lifestyle. Donates wellbeing, positivity and energy in every moment of the day. Intense and persistent fragrance, with a lively and fresh allure, refreshing and invigorating. Top notes: Fresh and fizzy fruity notes of apple and lemon, supported by the spicy notes of pepper and cinnamon. Middle notes: wrapping delicate notes of lily of the valley, supported by the fruity water heart of the melon. Base notes: Hot and masculine notes of vetiver and patchouli with flashes of amber and musk. Dermatologically tested; 50ml


    How to use :
    After the treatment with the VITA AGE MAN product, spray the product on the warmest part of the body, wrists, fold of the arms and neck, for a pleasant sensation of freshness, energy and vigour.

    Familialist's recommendation:

    Vita-Age is a real elixir to prevent and reduce wrinkles. We highly recommend it.


    50 ml