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Nuk First Choice Bottle Blue Baby Gluck
Nuk Bottle First Choice Baby Gluck

    Nuk Bottle First Choice Baby Gluck

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    Nuk designs and develops superior products to support your children's safe and healthy development. This brand includes a wide range of baby bottles, pacifiers, cups, and many more to make mealtimes easier for you and your baby and to promote healthy and hygienic oral development that suits your lifestyle.



    Nuk First Choice Bottle has a particularly soft silicone teat, right for the jaw. Clinically-tested for optimal combining bottle and breast feeding . Helps prevent colic. 


    How to use:

    Easy to fill and clean after every feed. This product is suitable for children between 0 and 6 months

    Familialist's Recommendation:

    We highly recommend Nuk First Choice Bottle because it promotes healthy jaw development and a drinking sensation that is similar to breastfeeding to make the transition period easier on the baby and the parents as well.