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    Nuk Soother Signature 0-6M

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    Nuk designs and develops superior products to support your children's safe and healthy development. This brand includes a wide range of baby bottles, pacifiers, cups, and many more to make mealtimes easier for you and your baby and to promote healthy and hygienic oral development that suits your lifestyle.



    Improved NUK original shape – which fits optimally into the baby's mouth. Thinner and narrower teat neck reduces pressure on jaws and teeth. Flat baglet and smooth underside; pleasant feeling in mouth; plenty room for natural sucking movements.


    How to use:

    Use Nuk Pacifier Silicone Signature starting from newborn till the month of 6. Improved  on a mother’s while breastfeeding for a natural, satisfying feel. 100% of orthodontists confirm that nuk soothers do not cause crooked teeth. Nuk air system allows air teat remains soft and flexible in baby's mouth. Promotes the healthy development of teeth and jaw.


    Familialist's Recommendation:

    We highly recommend Nuk Pacifier Silicone Signature because it soothes and calms your baby and gently contour to baby's face.