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    Vitarmonyl Curcuma Piperine Articulations

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    Vitarmonyl is the dietary supplement brand that supports you in your well-being and health approach through its effective and accessible products that meet all your needs. Based in Vendée, our French production guarantees you traceability and quality.

    Natural well-being and health at your fingertips!



    A plant originating from the south of Asia also called turmeric. Its rhizome, dried and reduced to powder, is a very popular spice. It contributes to joint wellness. It helps to maintain good mobility functions by acting on tendon and joint flexibility. It is also reknowned for its antioxidant tproperties. Black pepper is known as a culinary spice and contains a precious active substance: piperine. Piperine contributes to enhance the absorption of the active substances of curcuma

    How to use :

    Take 2 capsules in the morning after breakfast

    Size: 30 Gellules


    Familialist's recommendation:

    We highly recommend Vitarmonyl Curcuma Piperine because its multibeneficial effect is your ally to limit the sensitivity of your joints. 100% natural and organic formula contains recognized and acclaimed active ingredients to limit joint sensitivity, support joint and bone health and maintain mobility.