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    Advancis Extra Slim Night & Day

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    More than a brand, A way of life! Advancis is a health and wellness solution based on the quality and innovation of nutraceutical products technologically. Our formulas are based on bioactive agents of natural origin, nutrients and standardized plant extracts that provide real benefits to human health. and all our products have been manufactured to the highest quality.



    Advancis Extra Slim Day and Night is a useful dietary supplement for weight loss, combining 2 different formulations that control weight throughout the night and day.


    How to use : 

    Day time: take 1 tablet at breakfast with a glass of water.
    Night time: take 1 capsule after dinner
    To get better results, it is recommended the regular practice of exercise and a healthy intake of food.

    Warning of Usage: If you are taking any prescription medicine or if you are pregnant or nursing a child, consult your pharmacist or doctor before using this product and in case of any unusual side effects. Store in a dry, controlled room environment. 


    Familialist's recommendation:

    We highly recommend Advancis Extra Slim Night and Day because it is a food supplement to lose weight, it improves appetite control, reduces body fat mass and increases the muscular mass.