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    Alkagin Gel

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    ALKAGIN Gel, has a high hydrating, lubricating, refreshing, calming and protective power, with slightly alkaline pH. Prevents and attenuates burning sensation, itching and sensitized vaginal mucosa.

    ALKAGIN Gel consists of extracts of Marigold, Mauve and Linden, with mucilages, flavonoids and tannins, which provide emollient, decongestant, refreshing and anti-irritant properties. Panthenol, Glycerol, Sorbitol, Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrolyzed Glucosaminoglycans and Aloe Vera, provide moisturizing, lubricating and protective properties.

    The pH of the vaginal mucosa is slightly acidic, however in some circumstances there is a change in the pH value, which can lead to the proliferation of certain microorganisms, resulting in infections, accompanied by local discomfort, itching and sometimes burning. ALKAGIN Gel, with alkaline pH, allows the pH values ​​to be restored to physiological values, changing the environment conducive to the proliferation of certain microorganisms.

    In situations of fungal infections, ALKAGIN Gel can be used as an adjunct to therapy, due to its decongestant action, it immediately relieves the characteristic burning sensation, simultaneously changing the environment conducive to the development of candidas.

    ALKAGIN Gel is soluble in water, leaves no residue and does not stain.

    Whenever it becomes necessary to hydrate and lubricate the external genitals
    In all situations where there is sensitization of the vaginal mucosa, burning and / or itching (use of synthetic clothing, tampons, sanitary or daily dressings, use of condoms and some cleaning agents that cause local sensitization)
    In situations of dryness of the genital mucosa: Hormonal treatments and oral contraceptives