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    Tommee Tippee Bottle- Anti-Collic- 260ml

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    Tommee Tippee was founded over half a century ago, born from a mission to make everyday life easier for new parents. Way back in 1940’s Calfornia, three entrepreneurial brothers had the idea to design a cup for babies that wouldn’t tip over. Even when their initial prototype was rejected, they carried on. They decided to give their new cup a weighted base, and named it after their beloved dog, Tommee. A British businessman loved their cup so much, that he invested in their idea and in 1969 the Tommee Tippee story officially began.


    The unique, easy-latch-on teat shape with breastfeeding experts to mimic the natural flex and movement of a mum breast.


    How to use:

    Use Tommee Tippee bottle starting 0m+ . Our anti-colic baby bottles have powerful anti-colic technology to draw air out of your baby’s milk and away from their tummy. With a built-in heat sensing strip, turns pink when baby's feed is too hot. Our anti-colic bottles are also proven to reduce the symptoms of wind and reflux. Less air, more smiles!



    Familialist's recommendation:

    With the most breast-like teat ever made, this bottle flexes and feels like mum because babies prefer it that way. Acceptance guaranteed!