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    Dr Brown's Bottle Warmer

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    Originally designed by a doctor in the USA since 1996. DrBrown's focus has been on innovative baby products that promote good health and optimal nutrition. Inspired by parents everywhere, Dr Brown’s continues to develop products that focus on great functionality for parents and good health for baby. Every day they strive to deliver the reliable baby products that have made them proven favorite with moms and dads for over 20 years. 


    Smart features include an easy-to-use programmable LCD Control Panel with preferred cycle settings. Its simple design offers an easy-to-read keypad with both audio and visual alerts that let you know when a warming cycle is complete. The Deluxe Bottle Warmer is about safety first, using electric steam to gently warm bottles. Plus, it has an auto shut-off 60 seconds after a cycle is complete.


    How to use:

    Position the Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer on any convenient flat surface. Remove the water reservoir from the right side. Turn the water reservoir upside down so the small fill opening is facing up. Fill the reservoir with water through that opening. Position the short neck of the fill opening (with the reservoir’s flat side up) into the bottom of the slot on the appliance’s right side. Pivot the reservoir up to a vertical position and snap into place. The water reservoir will  automatically fill the heating chamber inside the appliance to the proper level.

    Familialist's recommendation:

    We highly recommend to use this warming  bottle for best results and easiest care.