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    Chicco Single Electric Breast Pump (0 m+)

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    Chicco is an Italian brand with over 60 years of global experience designed with safety and comfort to help children at every stage. Chicco is constantly working to create the best products while respecting people and the environment, with a perspective to future generations. Chicco never fails to track style trends and explore new innovations to create a range of fashionable and practical baby gear.



    Breastfeeding the baby is the most beautiful thing a mother can do. However, sometimes some impediments can make it difficult. This electric breast pump is a valuable ally from the very first days that helps you extract milk in peace and comfort. It is useful for stimulating milk production, if you need to get away from your child (for example, return to work) or to overcome small difficulties such as breast engorgement and nipple pain. 


    How to use:

    Choose the pumping level that is right for you, both in let-down and expression mode. It starts in let-down mode with a fast rhythm to stimulate milk flow and then slows down, after 2 minutes, for expression.


    Familialist's recommendation:

    We highly recommend Chicco Single Electric Breast Pump as it is efficient and gentle on the skin to aid in milk expression in an intuitive and comfortable way.