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    Chicco Corner Protectors (6 m+)

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    Chicco is an Italian brand with over 60 years of global experience designed with safety and comfort to help children at every stage. Chicco is constantly working to create the best products while respecting people and the environment, with a perspective to future generations. Chicco never fails to track style trends and explore new innovations to create a range of fashionable and practical baby gear.


    As your baby crawls up and starts walking, he becomes more and more interested in everything around him. At any moment of distraction, oversight is enough for them to cause havoc and take serious risks for their safety. For this reason, Chicco has developed a complete range of safety products to prevent indoor and outdoor safety risks for babies. The Chicco Corner Protector protects your child from the risk of injury in sharp furniture corners. It is made of soft, non-toxic plastic that can be easily attached to the sharp sides or corners of your furniture and can be removed and reused with the help of double-sided adhesive tape.

    How to use :

    Install the corner protectors from Chicco on the corner of the sharp edges of any furniture corners to insure maximum safety of your little one.


    Familialist's recommendation:

    We highly recommend Chicco Corner Protectors because it protects corners, made with soft plastic, non-toxic, very easy to install and double Sided Adhesive Strip. From 6m+.