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    Chicco Antibacterial Breast Protection Pads (0 m+)

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    Chicco is an Italian brand with over 60 years of global experience designed with safety and comfort to help children at every stage. Chicco is constantly working to create the best products while respecting people and the environment, with a perspective to future generations. Chicco never fails to track style trends and explore new innovations to create a range of fashionable and practical baby gear.



    Antibacterial Breast Pads offer maximum safety during the delicate period of breast-feeding. The special antibacterial fabric prevents the proliferation of bacteria inside the cup, while providing an appropriate mechanical barrier for protecting the breast. The super absorbent micro-pearls retain liquid and prevent it from seeping out to the surface, always keeping the skin dry. The external breathable layer allows the nipple and skin to breathe and prevents irritations. Can be worn under clothes without showing at all.


    How to use:

    Place the center of the nipple over the breast pad. Protect the breast pad in a bra cup. Adjust the pad if necessary. Replace when wet to prevent bacterial growth and infection.


    Familialist's Recommendation:

    We highly recommend Chicco Antibacterial Breast Protection Pads because they ensure dry skin, proper breast hygiene, and help prevent irritation.