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    Galenic Masques De Beaute Warming Detox Mask

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    The express SOS Warming Detox Mask for skin that is cleansed deep down, in just three minutes. Its crystalline texture, which heats up gently on application, opens the pores and rids the skin of impurities and pollution*, leaving it radiant and soft.
    50 ml

    Use the Warming Detox Mask once to twice a week. Apply to dry skin. Massage gently with the fingertips to activate the warming effect. Leave on for two to three minutes. Rinse off thoroughly. Wet the hands to transform the gel into milk, then rinse thoroughly.
    Store the Mask away from moisture

    The perfect weekly ritual: Warming Detox Mask + Cold Purifying Mask + Quenching Hydrating Mask.

    Avoid contact with eyes

    Main active ingredient:
    - Micro-emulsified plant glycerine to unclog the pores and rid the skin of built-up impurities

    Complementary active ingredient:
    - Vitamin E, renowned for its antioxidant and anti-free radical properties, perfect for protecting the skin from oxidative stress