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    Klorane Mango Oil

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    Best known for their 100% plant-based products, suitable for all skin types, Klorane has been working on a daily basis, for more than 50 years, to create respectful products that benefit everyone.


    Thanks to its UV filter, Klorane Mango Oil protects hair from external aggressions like sun, sea and swimming pool. This dry oil soothes the fiber to prevent hair from getting dry. Your hair is nourished for longer without weighing down and well protected so it becomes radiant.

    How to use :

    Lightly spray on dry or wet hair. Before sun exposure protect your hair from UV by adding the "dry touch" from mango oil. Do not rinse. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately.


    Familialist's recommendation:

    This waterproof formula is very recommended, it is ideal for the beach, it is rich in natural ingredients. It is a daily treatment that protects your hair  harmless effects of the sun. It adds radiance, shine and hydration to hair for easier detangling and styling.

    Size: 125ml