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Mustela Liniment Diaper Change Cleanser (400 ml)

    Mustela Liniment Diaper Change Cleanser (400 ml)

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    Best known for their natural skincare products suitable for all skin types, Mustela is a French brand that stands by parents and aims to make their lives easier. Thanks to their unique knowledge in babies' skin and their plant-based active ingredients, they improve the quality of life of children and families from all around the world.



    Mustela Liniment Diaper Change Cleanser (Mustela Liniment Change) is a fragrance free product that gently cleanses your baby's nappy area and protects the skin from the irritating effects of humidity and diaper rubbing.

    How to use :

    Shake well the bottle before use. Apply a good amount of liniment on a cotton pad and gently cleanse your baby's bottom. No rinsing needed.


    Familialist's recommendation:

    We highly recommend Mustela Liniment Diaper Change Cleanser (Mustela Liniment Change) because it will ease your nappy time routine thanks to its 2-in-1 action.