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Dr Brown's Nipple Shields
Dr Brown's Nipple Shields

    Dr Brown's Nipple Shields

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    Originally designed by a doctor in the USA since 1996. DrBrown's focus has been on innovative baby products that promote good health and optimal nutrition. Inspired by parents everywhere, Dr Brown’s continues to develop products that focus on great functionality for parents and good health for baby. Every day they strive to deliver the reliable baby products that have made them proven favorite with moms and dads for over 20 years. 



    The ultra-thin, soft 100% silicone shield feels more natural, featuring a cut-out to maximize skin-to-skin contact with baby. The additional holes ensure shield is more anatomically correct to help prevent pooling milk. Comes with two Nipple Shields. 


    How to use:

    The nipple shield is very helpful for those who have flat nipples, fast letdowns and infants with tongue ties. The shield washes easily with soapy water and doesn't get sticky after multiple uses.


    Familialist's recommendation:

    Definitely recommended if you are searching for excellent results.