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    Nuk Potty

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    Nuk designs and develops superior products to support your children's safe and healthy development. This brand includes a wide range of baby bottles, pacifiers, cups, and many more to make mealtimes easier for you and your baby and to promote healthy and hygienic oral development that suits your lifestyle.



    The NUK Potty is shaped and has high splash guard and, with a collecting groove on the outer rim, it is particularly hygienic. An extra-large seat gives maximum comfort when sitting and its open handgrip means the potty can also be hung up to save space.


    How to use:

    Use the Nuk Potty when your baby is turning into a toddler, meaning that taking leave of nappies is imminent too. The practical handgrip opening makes it easy to hold or hang up to save space.



    Familialist's Recommendation:

    We highly recommend Nuk Potty because it helps your children with toilet training.