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    Nuk Steam Sterilizer Vario Express 3Pin

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    Nuk designs and develops superior products to support your children's safe and healthy development. This brand includes a wide range of baby bottles, pacifiers, cups, and many more to make mealtimes easier for you and your baby and to promote healthy and hygienic oral development that suits your lifestyle.



    Sterilises up to 6 boilproof baby bottles and accessories within 6 minutes (without heating phase). Removable basket and 6 poles for maximum convenience – for large and small items. Modern, ergonomic design – elegant and user-friendly.


    How to use:

    Safety elements: operating light and automatic switch-off. 1 bottle tongs, 1 accessories’ basket, 1 grid and 6 poles included. The NUK Vario Express Steam Steriliser gently sterilises baby bottles with steam - removing 99.9 per cent of germs. The appliance offers maximum convenience, as the six repositionable rods and the basket for the accessories can be arranged as required. Once switched on, the electric NUK Steriliser heats up and boils the water. In the heat of the steamy atmosphere of over 90°C, the germs are killed.


    Familialist's Recommendation:

    The NUK Vario Express Steam Steriliser – fast, simple and reliable; Practical aid in a household with children. We highly recommend it.