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    Nuxe Reve De Miel Exalting Fragrant Water

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    NUXE is a French brand founded by Aliza Jabès and a pioneer in natural-origin cosmetology, comes from the words “nature” and “luxe”. NUXE has become a global group, present in nearly 60 countries. Each product is formulated and manufactured in France to meet pharmaceutical quality requirements and combines the marvels of nature with the prowess of science, while awakening the senses.



    This fragrant water has a feel-good concentrate with invigorating and revitalizing properties, it boosts the senses with its addictive scent featuring refreshing green tea, zesty notes of rhubarb and fresh herbs. 91%* of women experience a sensation of freshness and find that their skin is softer. 

    NUXE Body Reve de the Exalting Fragrant Water is infused with green tea to awaken the senses and revitalize the mind. Green tea extract: an ancient ingredient used to soften and care for the skin. 


    How to use:

    Spritz a few pumps of Rêve de thé Exalting Fragrant Water onto your skin to cloak it in a veil of sensual well-being.


    Familialist's recommendations:

    Highly recommended, savour the fragrance of Nuxe Body Reve de The for a sensation of freshness and well-being.


    30 ml