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    Roge Cavailles Coffret Veloutant

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    Roge Cavailles Veloutant Box is a box of 3 products for a great moment of softness. Enjoy the well-being provided by the Velvety Bath and Shower Oil 250 ml and the Velvety Argan Oil and Almond Oil Soap 115 g. Complete your skincare ritual with your hands with the free Velvety Hand Cream 50 ml.       

    - Velvety shower oil: This Almond & Argan Bath Shower Oil gently cleanses and nourishes sensitive and dry skin.Enriched with super fatting agents & nourishing argan and sweet almond oils, protects your skin from external aggressions and keeps it hydrated. Its amber color and oriental scent are a secret for an enjoyable shower ritual.

    - Velvety Oil Soap: Enriched with almond & Argan, intensely nourishes your skin for a soft and velvety finish. Its non-greasy texture is instantly absorbed, while its sweet oriental scent invite you to an unforgettable sensory experience.

    - Velvety Hand Cream: Enriched with superfat agents, deeply hydrates your skin.
    97% natural active ingredient formula.
    Enriched with shea butter and sweet almond oil, this Velvety Non-greasy Hand Cream soothes tightness.
    Its creamy texture and oriental fragrance is a secret to your incredibly soft and velvety hands.