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Optimal Nasal Cleanser With Cleanser Brush
Optimal Nasal Cleanser With Brush

    Optimal Nasal Cleanser With Brush

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    “Optimal Medics S.A.R.L” dealing both with retail and wholesale of Pharmaceuticals, and health care products. Established in 2006, and nowadays we are cooperating with many international pharmaceutical companies. Choosing Optimal means you have the assurance of superior quality products for you and your growing baby.



    Optimal Nasal Cleanser With Brush can adjust the size of suction, easy to clean snivel, difficult to inhale into your mouth. The front-end spherical design, not easy to damage the baby's nasal mucosa. Each component is easy to disassemble and clean disinfected.


    How to use:

    Put the side of nose cleaner gently placed into the baby nose, the other end into mouth to suck out the dirt, repeated several times until the clean up. Use Optimal Nasal Cleanser With Brush from 0m to 12m.



    Familialist's recommendation:

    The care your baby deserves. We highly recommend it.