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    Spin Master Jumbling Tower

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    The Jumbling Tower game by Spin Master Games is a beloved family-fun game that challenges players not to let the tower fall.

    It’s suitable for kids and can be played by 2 players or a larger group.
    Includes: 48 Wood Blocks 1 Die
    Designed for 2 or more players
    Approximately 10 minutes per game


    How To Use:

    During the game, only one hand can be used to remove and place blocks, and players can gently touch a block to see if it’s loose. If they inadvertently move a block while checking, they must return it to its original position.

    The objective is simple: be the last player to remove a block successfully without causing the tower to collapse. The game comprises 48 classic real wood blocks in orange, blue, and natural wood colors. To determine which color block to remove, a die is rolled. The chosen block is then removed from anywhere on the tower, except the top level, and placed back on top in the correct orientation. Players continue taking turns until someone topples the tower. 

    Familialist's Recommendation: 

    Enjoy a fun game.