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Yucca Whitening Acne Facial Wash 250Ml

    Yucca Whitening Acne Facial Wash 250Ml

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    Suitable for Oily prone skin and Combination skin .

    Use in the morning and at night to reduce your skin shine and restore its natural complexion.
    For better results, use it daily and nonstop then apply your preferred whitening cream (day or collagen) or serum from YUCCA./

    Restoring skin’s natural complexion while fading blemishes .
    Cleaning dirt and excessive oil secretion .
    Controlling sebum (oil secretion).

    • Controls oil secretion and acne breakouts to reduce skin shining.
    • Efficiently deep cleans your skin.
    • Restores’ skin natural complexion and clarity.
    • Removes dark spots and blemishes.
    • Leaves your skin feeling fresh without tightness or over-drying.
    • Does not cause breakouts.
    • Lathers well without stripping your skin of its natural oils.
    • Rinses easily with no irritating or pore-clogging residue.