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Zwitsal Savon Creme 4*90gr

    Zwitsal Savon Creme 4*90gr

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    Nothing is softer than your baby's skin. And just like you, we want it to stay that way. That's why, for almost 100 years, Zwitsal have ensured that our baby care products correspond to the special properties of baby's skin.



    The gentle formula encourages your child to learn to wash their hands on their own and they won't dry out. Creamy Soap is rich in nutrients to help prevent dryness and keep baby's skin close and soft. Ideal for daily hygiene of hands and skin.


    How to use :

    Lather this soap on your baby's hands then rinse.


    Familialist's recommendation:

    Zwitsal Savon Creme is highly recommended because it is a soft and delicate soap that cleanses your baby's hands without drying them out. Hypoallergenic, neutral pH and tested under dermatological control.