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Zwitsal Shampooing Anti-Noeuds
Zwitsal Shampooing Anti-Noeuds

    Zwitsal Shampooing Anti-Noeuds

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    Nothing is softer than your baby's skin. And just like you, we want it to stay that way. That's why, for almost 100 years, Zwitsal have ensured that our baby care products correspond to the special properties of baby's skin.



    Zwitsal Shampoo Anti-Tangle is an extremely gentle shampoo with a special anti-stinging formula suitable for babies and children of all ages. Zwitsal Shampoo Anti-Tangle is absolutely soap free, hypoallergenic, pH skin neutral, and clinically and dermatologically tested, so it is also suitable for newborns.


    How to use :

    use while tangling the hair so it helps removing tangles from your baby's hair, t is mild for hair and eyes.


    Familialist's recommendation:

    We highly recommend this product because it is an extremely mild, an anti-prick formula and gentle shampoo that is suitable for children of all ages. It contains absolutely no soap and is hypoallergenic, pH skin neutral and dermatologically tested.