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Zwitsal Naturals Eau Micellaire 200ml

    Zwitsal Naturals Eau Micellaire 200ml

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    Nothing is softer than your baby's skin. And just like you, we want it to stay that way. That's why, for almost 100 years, Zwitsal have ensured that our baby care products correspond to the special properties of baby's skin.



    Natural micellar water with organic calendula water and Aloe Vera, for gentle cleansing of the head, body and buttocks. Ideal for cooling baby's bottoms between diaper changes.


    How to use :

    Apply to cotton or a hydrophilic cloth. Gently rub the baby's skin and gently pat the skin to dry. it is not necessary to rinse.


    Familialist's recommendation:

    Zwitsal Natural Micellar Water is highly recommended because it gently cleanses and takes care of your baby's bottom and body, in addition, it is free from parabens, dyes, soap and sodium. IT is hypoallergenic and has been tested dermatologically. It has a neutral pH for the skin.